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Stone is now widely used in interior design, as well as in decorating driveways, gardens, facades, and other projects. We provide our clients with professional method of cutting stones with water, which guarantees shape precision and material saving.

We are experienced and we use modern technologies

Our company, headquartered on the periphery of Warsaw, has been specializing in processing and machining services for many years and stone cutting has also been a significant part of our professional experience. In practice, the method of cutting with water that we have been using is valued for its many benefits that contribute to material saving and the final result.

We offer the service of stone cutting by means of this modern technology, which allows us to deliver your order quickly, on schedule and at the highest standard.

We will prepare any given set of components

Stone cutting requires specialist tools. When mechanical methods are used, this task not only takes longer to complete, but it also requires more work to finish the components. When the method of water jet cutting is used, you get a smooth and even surface, without any dents or material losses after the very first cut.

The components made by our company are characterized by:

  • exceptionally perfect shape reproduction;
  • the smoothness of the cut edges that does not require any polishing;
  • economical use of material;
  • minimal risk of cracking or chipping during the cutting process;
  • quick delivery dates.

Are you making stone stairs in your house? Or kitchen countertops? Or stone facade? Call us and we will prepare a set of essential stone components for you!

We are waiting for your phone call!

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