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Metalwork machining
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Preparing metal, stone or plastic elements requires precise cutting. In many cases, it is necessary to further process the materials so that every component can be perfectly matched to the entire structure or adapted for assembly. One possible processing of this sort is using CNC milling machines.

We offer a wide range of work

Assembly and metalworking services as well as any related machining — these are the tasks we perform for our clients, matching the material element to the client’s needs and the intended application.

We also offer: cutting with a band saw, drilling and milling, as well as various types of assembly work or preparing components for assembly.

We use state-of-the-art methods and computer-controlled machines (CNC) that ensure high precision of work — to a fraction of a millimeter — guaranteeing that all the components of a complex structure are perfectly matching.

With regard to assembly, we use optimum methods of assembling components by means of bolts, rivets, pins, etc.
With regard to machining, we provide metal, stone, plastic and wood processing.

We guarantee perfect materials processing

Machining constitutes one of our services we perform in our headquarters, near Warsaw. Our CNC milling machines are equipped with the appropriate control program, therefore we are able to complete your every order, guaranteeing:

  • the ability to make even very intricate details,
  • high precision of work — to a fraction of a millimeter,
  • maximum reproducibility of elements,
  • perfect reproduction of details on the basis of a technical drawing,
  • milling and tapping holes in metal sheets and plates,
  • quick delivery dates.

Machining is a technology that enables preparing precise components out of different materials: adapting them to the very specific design of an advertising system, parts of a workstation, device casing and many other applications.
If you are looking such a contractor, please contact us to discuss the details of the order. You will find us near Warsaw.

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