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Grès cutting
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Grès is a popular material that is currently used in residential homes and business premises as a functional floor finish. If you are dealing with such flooring, you will surely be interested in the grès cutting services provided by our company!

We take advantage of modern cutting technologies

Grès tiles are manufactured in standardized and uniform dimensions that do not always perfectly match the surface area of the floor. If you are dealing with a non-standard room, with arches, curves or small recesses, it is going to be difficult to fill the surface with tiles so that they perfectly adhere to the walls.

Our company, which has been providing its services in the area of Warsaw for years, has been providing processing and machining services and our specialty is cutting with water — a modern technology that facilitates perfect work results. We also use the water method to cut grès, adjusting the shapes so that they fit the requirements of the interior.

We cut a variety of formats and shapes

Modern technology guarantees high quality of the final products, as well as a wide range of possibilities as far as shaping the tiles that are hard to cut mechanically. Not only will we provide you with the perfect reproduction of the details, but we will also guarantee minimum losses due to uncontrolled tile cracking.

We perform grès cutting in a wide range of shapes and formats, including:

  • cutting tiles to the height indicated by the customer;
  • arched cutting;
  • cutting out specific shapes;
  • chamfering;
  • making slanting incisions;
  • drilling holes;
  • making decorative cutouts.

Are you laying tiles in a non-standard apartment? Contact us and order professional grès cutting.

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