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Ever since glass counters, cabinet doors, wall panels to be taped with wallpaper and other decorative elements have become fashionable, the demand for glass cutting services has been growing. Our company, headquartered on the periphery of Warsaw, offer a wide range of work in this field and uses modern technologies to perform the tasks.

We offer professional glass cutting

Glass is a material that requires significant knowledge about its behavior under certain conditions and, also, when cutting using different methods. The larger the pane of glass and the finer the glass, the greater the risk that the pane will break, and the greater the potential exposure to significant material losses and costs.
Our company has been specializing in processing and cutting various materials for years, we have been systematically broadening our experience and learning new technologies, as well as expanding our fleet of specialist machinery.

We offer professional cutting of glass that will not only minimize any loss potential, but also save your time and resources as you will not have to buy any specialist tools.

We cut all types of glass

If you are dealing with interior design and decoration, and you are planning to install tempered glass partition walls in the new apartments, we will make ready-to-use panels that will meet the size and edge finishing requirements. We provide our clients with such services as cutting traditional or window glass, as well as tempered, building or multi-layered laminated glass that we cut into desired shapes.

We use cutting-edge technology, which includes water jet cutting, therefore we are able to cut various shapes, including arches or intricate profiles.

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