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Laying stone floors or decorative elevation, creating complex 3D advertising and other structures with materials, rubber or plywood often requires precise cutting of complex shapes. Cutting with water is the technology that guarantees the best results.

We provide proven solutions

Water is a very specific medium, combining chemical indifference with the ability to adjust temperature and pressure to a given effect.
Our company has been specializing in services of cutting with water by means of technology that allows water to remain a tool of exceptional capabilities that match the expected results. Cutting with water is a technology that allows you to fine-tune details from marble, ornamental stones, various metals and plastic, plywood or ever rubber.

What do you gain?

High-pressure water jet cutting guarantees exceptional results when dividing or formatting different materials.

The most important benefits of this method are:

  • the ability to cut any given shape, even intricate ones, from a material up to 220mm thick;
  • no interference in the structure of the material;
  • perfectly smooth edges of the materials cut;
  • high level of accuracy, comparable to laser cutting.

Water is a universal tool that can be used to create any shape you want, without the need of any further processing.

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