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CNC Turning
Machining of the materials using a modern lathe makes it possible to pre-prepare a component for the assembly in a larger group or to be used individually. Our company offers CNC turning that uses advanced, computer-controlled precise machines of high performance.

We offer experience and professionalism

We have been providing our clients with material processing services, including turning on modern machines, for many years. Our experience and professionalism are the reasons why when we accept your order, we guarantee it will be done reliably and flawlessly, and that it will be delivered on schedule.

Thanks to our experience, CNC turning as well as any other assigned task, are performed flawlessly, employing our knowledge of modern technologies and our high-quality standards.
Our company is headquartered on the periphery of Warsaw. In this area, therefore, at the request of our clients we provide material processing services and we perform assembly work. Following our principle that every customer should be approached individually, every order is treated individually as well.

High-quality product guarantee

If you are a furniture, machinery or medical products manufacturer; if you are building a unique conveyor belt or creating a display construction, we can provide you with CNC turning on the cutting-edge Fryer Machine, which guarantees flawless results.

The machine parameters:

  • turning length: up to 1000 mm,
  • turning diameter: up to 450 mm,
  • spindle speed: 2500 rpm.

Numerical control makes it possible to perfectly reproduce the elements designed and to perform many identical details with identical parameters.

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