Aluminum bonded heat sinks

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Aluminum bonded heat sinks
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Aluminum bonded heat sinks

We have years of experience in manufacturing aluminum air heat sinks, which we have been successfully delivering to the leading manufacturers in the power electronic and rail industries. Thanks to the technology of gluing and bonding of fins, we offer many configurations. Therefore, we can modify the height of the fans, their density and the shape of the plate. It is a perfect solution for small and big sets, where you cannot use heat sinks from a finished aluminum profile. Heat sinks are processed with CNC machine tools, ensuring their excellent quality and the reproducibility of the production, as well as the usage of other metals, such as copper, which has a higher thermal conductivity. We also provide our clients with the service of anti-corrosion surface protection through powder coating, chromating and anodizing.

  • plate thickness: 10-40 mm;
  • fin height: max. 200 mm;
  • plate can be made of aluminum or copper;
  • anti-corrosion protection (powder coating, chromating and anodizing);
  • small and large sets.
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